Closing Market Report 4/9/2012

This is Bill Roller of BR Capital with the KUIK Closing Market   Report for Monday, April, 9
Markets all finished down today. Stocks took the payroll plunge, ¬† reacting to Friday’s worse than expected payroll report.
Direction Change Units
Dow Down            (131) points            12,930
S&P500 Down -1.14% percent              1,382
Nasdaq Composite Down -1.08% percent              3,047
30 Year Treasury Down           (13.8) basis points              3.18
Technology¬†¬†was in the news today with Facebook’s announcement it is buying Instagram for¬† a cold one billion in cash.¬† Instagram¬†¬†comes complete with 30 million users of its I-phone photo sharing app and ¬† only nine employees.
Shares  of AOL jumped 42.2% to $26.20 on the news it sold 800 patents to Microsoft  for 1.05 billion.  AOL gets to keep  using them and has 300 more in its patent portfolio.
Always serving the  West Side first, I am Bill Roller of BR Capital for AM 1360 KUIK.
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